Responsive Review.

Complex problem, meet rigorous process, executed virtually.

Whether it’s a review for production, a regulatory response, an investigation or a Second Request, H5’s small, nimble teams of experts use our unique, virtually-executed TAR to identify responsive material.

We’re different in that we provide you the results, not the tools, giving you all the benefits of TAR without the steep learning curve. With an expert technology-driven workflow custom-tailored to each matter, results are more accurate and available more quickly, at a lower cost. In this COVID-19 world of a “new normal,” our virtual workforce is an advantage, eliminating the need for in-person interactions.

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    Data processing / reduction

    Expert data processing and culling to intelligently reduce data volume. With proprietary de-duplication tools and keyword development expertise, we can separate much of the wheat from the chaff at the outset, saving time and money.

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    Knowledge transfer

    Counsel shares case information and review objectives with a dedicated engagement team, comprising legal professionals, linguistic search experts and computational analysts. We immediately implement the appropriate workflow and technologies to organize, sample and probe the data collection.

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    Iterative search: Sample, build, test

    Execution of H5’s unique iterative process — using both statistical algorithms and expert-designed linguistic models — to create, test, measure and refine searches until measurements show that responsiveness assessments are being made with a very high degree of accuracy. New information? No problem. Changes can be applied to the entire collection, no muss, no fuss.

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    Identification of potentially relevant information, tagged for potential privilege, usually provided as a rolling production. Results can be loaded into H5’s Relativity® hosting platform or the platform of your choice for second pass review, but due to our accuracy, many clients accept our results as complete with only a final review for privilege. You needed it, we found it!

 Through our alliance with H5, we are able to offer our clients clear strategic and financial benefits in addressing complex litigation needs.

Richard Goetz Partner, O'Melveny & Myers

Why our process is a win for you.

  1. Easy

    The process is simple – from your end.  Counsel simply shares case information and review objectives with a dedicated H5 engagement team and we implement the appropriate workflow and technologies to organize, assess and identify the relevant documents to find what you need.

  2. Fast

    H5 machine learning algorithms and processes, deployed and executed virtually, provide the flexibility and agility that shifting production demands often require, with faster and more reliable throughput to speed things up and meet tight deadlines.

  3. Flexible

    New facts or change in strategy? Our process isn’t linear or fixed, so we can apply changes across the whole document population without restarting the review.

  4. Defensible

    We’ve done the review on some of the highest profile cases ever. And, we’ve successfully presented our Sedona-consistent protocols to opposing counsel, the bench, the DOJ, SEC and other government agencies. No objection from them or the court!

  5. Cost-Effective

    Our technology-assisted process is substantially lower in cost than traditional review, with cost per document dropping as volume increases. And because of our accuracy, there’s no time or effort wasted on irrelevant information – more savings for you.

  6. Scalable

    Size doesn’t matter. We can handle any size matter and assess new documents for responsiveness with less effort over time. Clients often turn to us with reviews that cannot be traditionally addressed in the available timeframe.

  7. Accurate

    “Recall and precision” have become TAR buzzwords with good reason; they refer to accuracy, which supports defensibility. We have the most accurate approach on the market today, so you get faster results with lower cost and less risk. (Ask us to prove it).