H5 Matter Intelligence®.

Winner of the 2017 Relativity Innovation Award!

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Control cost and risk and enhance your eDiscovery management experience in Relativity with H5 Matter Intelligence, a collaboration, billing and infrastructure monitoring application that provides real-time access to the critical matter knowledge you need and predictive insights on what’s to come.

H5 Matter Intelligence

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    Billing and pricing transparency.

    • Real-time and historical visibility into billing activity on your matters, with automatic calculations of hosting and user fees gathered directly from Relativity
    • Pricing transparency, with access to current and historical pricing models for your matters
    • Estimated month-end billing projections by and across matters based on calculated run rate
    • Detailed billing summary reports in your inbox, based on a frequency that you control
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    Intelligent resource management.

    • Reviewer metrics with filters available for field, batch set, and reviewer group
    • Reviewer progress reporting on demand or available on a customizable schedule that fits your needs
    • Graphical representation of review progress broken out by review group, batch set or field, with the ability to restrict results within a custom date range
    • Easy access to documents reviewed by individual reviewers via interactive report links that launch documents directly within Relativity
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    Collaboration Center for information sharing

    • Collaborate among review and technical teams in matter based feeds to share updates, or communicate directly through one-on-one or group chats
    • Create/assign tasks to collaborators, set priorities and due dates, attach files and links, and discuss issues openly with others within task feeds
    • Create/share calendar events to track deposition, discovery, and production schedules; attach files and links and enable discussions within an event feed
    • Use the centralized matter knowledge base to store key decisions, exemplar feedback, case facts and data for easy organization and research by other group users – and much more!
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    Infrastructure Center for workspace monitoring

    • Maintain full visibility into environment uptime, RTO, and RPO scores
    • Track user activity globally across workspaces to monitor trends in activity levels 24/7
    • Monitor storage utilization of Relativity file repositories and databases, user distribution on load-balanced web servers and configured agents across allocated agent servers
    • Receive customized, real-time notifications/alerts of environment details (e.g., long running queries, high document conversion rates, resource throttling, and storage usage notices)
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    Customizable notifications and automated reporting.

    • Customizable notification system provides real-time updates for budget and billing thresholds, collaboration activity, infrastructure events and more, via email or in-app notifications
    • Customize and schedule pre-built reports (month/project-to-date) including CSV billing summary exports for use in other billing systems, reviewer progress reports, and more
    • Take action based on notifications for user or workspace inactivity, customized billing and budget thresholds, real-time billing accruals, task assignments, and more
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    Cross-matter metrics and budget analysis

    • View informative custodian and data progression metrics across matters and by matter type
    • Gain insight into how all-in costs relate to the number of documents hosted or the number of custodians collected for a matter or across matters
    • Utilize historical matter details to provide accurate projections and budget estimates for new matters
    • Identify how costs are trending over time, organized by matter type

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