Manage your most important asset
before it becomes a liability.

Data preservation and defensible deletion are corporate imperatives ripe for technological solutions. H5 Technologies® offers a suite of products and services to classify and segregate corporate information and enable accurate retention decisions.

Keep what you need, not what you don’t.

Behind-the-Firewall Software for Proactive Data Management

For many companies, keeping up with myriad retention requirements is costly, resource intensive, and overly burdensome. H5 can help with our H5 EDGE® product suite. Consisting of H5 EDGE Enterprise and H5 EDGE Classifier, these products are provided with full support of H5.

  • H5 EDGE Classifier:  A document classification software customized to meet client-specific goals for compliance, information retention, litigation readiness, or eDiscovery. Essentially comprising a group of sophisticated keyword sets developed by linguists and vigorously performance tested. H5 EDGE Classifiers help accurately cull, filter and classify email and electronic documents in fileshares or other locations with a high level of accuracy.

  • H5 EDGE Enterprise: A document classification software product that runs on servers behind the enterprise firewall to accurately cull, filter, and classify email and other electronic documents to meet information governance goals. It is configured to classify data from your corporate data sources using H5 EDGE Classifiers developed specifically for your business.

  • H5 EDGE Monitor Service: The “lightest” version of the H5 EDGE solutions suite, H5 Monitor is a process designed to recurrently collect samples from corporate e-mail systems—following statistically designed protocols and at intervals determined by corporate clients—in order to assess communications against specific compliance criteria, for example in the context of anti-bribery, antitrust or financial services regulations. H5 EDGE Monitor requires no deployment of new software systems.

Applications of H5 EDGE Products and Services

  • Records Management: For many companies, keeping up with myriad records retention requirements is costly, resource intensive, and overly burdensome. H5 EDGE can help segregating what you need from what you don’t, reducing downstream review costs related to litigation, investigations or compliance, as well as IT costs associated with storing and managing unnecessary electronic information.

  • Defensible Disposal: In response to rapidly changing legal and regulatory requirements, many organizations have opted to retain their electronic information and simply move it wholesale into archives instead of saving only what they need or are required to retain. While this may seem like an expedient solution, there are accumulating infrastructure costs and, in the case of litigation, eDiscovery costs. To dispose of information defensibly, you need an accurate method of identifying what you need to keep. H5’s proven accuracy is the key to defensible disposal.

  • Legal Preservation: When a litigation or investigation looms, companies need to find and retain information that is relevant to the matter. With H5 EGDE Enterprise, you can home in on just what you need and avoid expensive over-preservation and review of irrelevant information.

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