For nearly 20 years, H5’s engineers have been building and perfecting an advanced technology platform of information retrieval and business intelligence software, which the H5 internal services teams have used to meet a myriad of client needs in litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance.


In response to client demand, we will be putting more of our technology into the hands of our clients so that they can independently take advantage of the technological backbone built by H5’s software engineers. We invite you to learn more about the applications we now offer in addition to our line of flagship services.

Our Products.

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    H5 Matter IntelligenceSM

    H5 Matter Intelligence, winner of Relativity’s 2017 Innovation Award, is a multi-faceted application that provides Relativity® users a powerful suite of dynamic tools to help maximize  their eDiscovery hosting experience through real-time metrics and project collaboration.

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    H5 Matter AnalyticsSM

    H5 Matter Analytics, a Relativity®-integrated application, enables users to accelerate review, evaluate the quality and composition of their productions, detect categories of sensitive personal data, and know more faster—all with the ability to preview the results before making a purchase decision.

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    H5 EDGE®

    For many companies, keeping up with myriad retention requirements is costly, resource intensive, and overly burdensome. H5 can address this problem with our H5 EDGE® applications, H5 EDGE Enterprise and H5 EDGE provided with full support of H5.

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