Gain the advantage with H5.

Litigation challenges call for flexible solutions, especially when working remotely is an imperative.
Whether you need to find key documents, meet production obligations, perform early case assessment, or review the opposition’s production, we can quickly help locate what you need. Our experts work virtually by design, so we’re unaffected by any social-distancing concerns.

  • Review for production with H5’s unique TAR

    Ensure accuracy and defensibility in responsive review, without the need for contract review teams.

    With our technology-assisted review, counsel shares their review objectives with a dedicated H5 engagement team and provides the collected data. Our linguists, data analysts and legal experts, working remotely,  implement our unique process — a powerful combination of linguistic modelling and machine learning tools — to meet the review objectives, taking the burden off counsel and freeing them to focus on the strategic issues in the case. And, our proven accuracy and Sedona-consistent protocols help ensure defensibility. Explore

  • Early case assessment/case preparation

    Get a headstart on your matter and find the evidence you need to win.

    Early case assessment (ECA) calls for the ability to mine the ESI and discover facts early, putting the matter on the fast track from the beginning to enable settle/litigate decisions and avoid delays that could result in regulatory fines or lost revenue. H5 provides ECA as a service using our key document identification search expertise and technology. Analyses of email chains, metadata, subject matter, and sentiment are initiated early to identify crucial themes, identify key players and potential witnesses, establish timelines and relevant communication patterns, all critical elements that enable you to assess the merits of your case from the outset. We’ll help locate hot documents, in your production or theirs, to help you craft an outline of proof, build a chronology, identify or impeach a witness, or develop a narrative for trial. Explore

  • Keyword and Protocol Consulting

    Be aligned with best practices.

    Keyword Consulting: Attorneys today use various culling strategies to reduce collected document populations prior to review or production. All too often, this approach leaves the legal team with too much to review and produce or puts in question the defensibility of the production. H5 is the legal industry’s go-to firm for linguistic search experts. Whether you need a few hours of advice or a team to design and execute a culling strategy for you, we have the experts to help. Explore

    Protocol Consulting: The increasing use of software tools by attorneys and in-house personnel to cull or review data can have significant defensibility pitfalls if sampling or review protocols aren’t adequate. Since H5’s primary expertise is in the science of information retrieval (search), sampling and precision and recall measurements are second nature to us. We can (and routinely do) advise on the quality of your—or your opposition’s—production with regard to defensible review accuracy, sampling protocols, precision and recall measurements and incoming production gap analyses. Explore

  • eDiscovery & Hosting

    Get the support you expect and deserve.

    H5, a Relativity® Certified Partner and Relativity Developer Partner, is renowned for high quality search and technology-assisted review, but we do more so you can do less. Our seasoned eDiscovery experts leverage our suite of advanced industry and proprietary tools for processing, hosting, and production — as a standalone service or in conjunction with our acclaimed technology-assisted review. Our processes are custom-tailored to the particular matter to reduce data volume, streamline workflow and create productions faster for the most accurate and cost-effective result. Our SOC2 certified data center provides top-tier security and we devote full-attention to the safety and security of data we store and maintain. Explore