HSR Second Requests.

Deadlines loom and the clock is ticking.
Are you prepared?

With the often daunting review challenges and tight timelines of an HSR Second Request, there’s no room to take chances with unproven approaches. That’s why some of the largest and most respected corporations and their attorneys have turned to H5 for help in finding the information they need to produce for a Second Request while dramatically curtailing review costs.

H5's process accelerates a Second Request production, getting documents out the door — on time and on budget.

H5’s technology-enabled review process has been assessed and approved by DOJ’s Antitrust Division in HSR Second Request matters. And our high accuracy ensures that only necessary information is produced, quickly and cost-effectively. The H5 process fits flexibly into counsel’s preferred workflow, readily identifying potentially responsive information.

Because H5 provides a service, there is no new software to learn or configure — counsel simply shares their review objectives with an experienced H5 engagement team, and our search experts use advanced search and TAR tools to identify what’s specifically required. Counsel can undertake quality control of H5’s results in our Relativity®-hosted review platform or the platform of their choice. The combination of H5’s experts, processes and technology, with the oversight of counsel, keeps costs down and reduces the risk of producing privileged or non-responsive information.

Trusted End-to-End Solution for HSR Review

H5 provides a wide range of services — from processing to production — that will speed things up and reduce client costs.

  • Approved by regulators: Antitrust regulators have approved H5’s TAR process. Leveraging a pre-approved process reduces risk and makes things easier for your team and your client.

  • Experienced leadership: With nearly two decades of experience, we help advise and support the case team every step of the way, from negotiation of production requirements until responsive documents go out the door.

  • Unrivaled technology-assisted search and review expertise: Our team of legal professionals, linguists, computer scientists, and expert researchers leverage an arsenal of custom-designed and tested linguistic processes and state-of-practice machine learning to identify responsive, confidential, potentially privileged and other sensitive documents. We have been refining and testing our proprietary tools and processes over the past decade to ensure maximum speed and accuracy.

  • Powerful technology infrastructure: For maximum efficiency, you need robust processing power. H5 can provide one terabyte per day, global de-duplication and filtering techniques to quickly reduce non-responsive volume, often by more than 85%.

  • Accelerated review and production: We quickly identify responsive and potentially privileged data, accelerating your QC and privilege process for a prompt, rolling production.

  • Relativity-based hosting: If you need it, a state-of-the art platform for quick and easy access to the data.

  • Meeting government specifications and client expectations: We’ll get the production where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, in the required format.